Traditional family VS modern family

Things are changes in the world. One of these things is the family and it’s very important to develop the country and the society. Nowadays there is a big jump for the family from traditional to modern. In this essay I would like to compare and contrast between these two families. First, I’m going to discuss the traditional family. The traditional family has many foundation methods such as: living together. Even if some of their sons got married, they must bring his wives and live with the family until they die. Also some of the traditional families didn’t like to live in the town; they make a tent in the desert and live like their grandfathers in the past. The most dangerous thing that happens in the traditional family is that they don’t let girls complete their education after they finished from the school. However, the modern family forgets all these things from the past and starts a new life style in the city and there is no rules in the family like all family members should live in the same house. There are more free things for the boys and girls such as letting them continue their education outside the country and live alone. All in all, I think the traditional families must do some changes in their life style even if it’s hard for them because it’s important to provide our society with more people who have good education.


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